From 15 September – 15 October, SPROUT PUBLISH will be part of BYOB fair at ENTER ENTER in Amsterdam, NL.

We will feature self-published books by:

Aurélie Sorriaux
Daria Nakov
Dora Lionstone
Elise Kammerer
Fion Hung Ching Yan
Geertje Brandenburg
Giola Cassar & Glen Calleja
Iván Navarro
Katharina Siegel
Laura Bouman
Luca Penning
Maxi Pfeil
Tied To Light Collective
Qiran Xu

bring your own book (BYOB) is taking over ENTER ENTER for four weeks from the 15th of September until the 15th of October. BYOB will be programming a 4-week exhibition, display and fair of diy and self published books and other printed matter. The month will be filled with launches, lectures and workshops!